NEW Digital Handwriting Workshop

NEW Digital Handwriting Workshop, Teaching Handwriting to Kids

The How to Teach Handwriting to Kids Video (41 minutes) is taught by a school-based pediatric occupational therapist who will discuss tips for teaching beginners how to learn handwriting a fun, hands-on way….. no boring pencil-paper tasks!  It’s perfect for the young children who are just learning how to write or for older children who need to improve the legibility of their handwriting.

If you are a parent or teacher, you won’t want to miss this extraordinary information! Included in the Teaching Handwriting to Kids video are extra tips like improving attention and focus at school, timelines for writing progression and pencil grasps, and ideas for fine motor strengthening.  It even comes with free downloadable hands-on manipulative sticks so you can build any letter of the alphabet to enhance understanding!

Click on the link for more details and to purchase!  Price: $35.00

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Compliment the Video with these Printable Handwriting Handouts!

These printable handwriting handouts recaps the How to Teach Handwriting to Kids video so you get to hold onto the video’s highlights!  They are great to use in the classroom or at home as they are colorful and easy-to-read.

This packet of information recaps the most valuable information from the video including:

  • pencil grasp tips
  • fine motor strengthening ideas
  • core strengthening exercises
  • writing progression timelines
  • what order to teach the alphabet letters
  • tips for improving attention and focus… and much more

Click on the link for more details and to purchase! Price $5.00


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