How to Teach Handwriting to Kids VIDEO


  • Learn how to teach handwriting basics to children through exciting hands-on activities that will help them build a solid writing foundation….. no boring paper-pencil worksheets!
  • Also find out what red flags to look for when your child is writing to avoid handwriting problems.
  • Learn sensory based tips and tricks to improve your child’s attention and ability to focus.
  • Find out what types of pencil grasps and writing progression your child should be doing by specific ages
  • This video is taught by a school based occupational therapist with 12+ years of experience helping children in the schools with their handwriting skills.
  • Includes FREE downloadable handwriting manipulative sheets so you can actually “build” letters to solidify learning how to write the letters correctly


How to Teach Handwriting to Kids VIDEO

The How to Teach Handwriting to Kids Video (41 minutes) is taught by a school-based pediatric occupational therapist who will discuss tips for teaching children how to learn handwriting a fun, hands-on way….. no boring pencil-paper tasks!

It’s perfect for the young children who are just learning how to write or for older children who need to improve the legibility of their handwriting.  If you are a parent or teacher, you won’t want to miss this extraordinary information! It even comes with free downloadable hands-on manipulative sticks so you can create any letter of the alphabet!

How to teach handwriting movie snapshot